Moss and Broom

Due to a last minute cancellation, the family dog up at Mamarnoeck was left without a sitter while the family went on vacation, so I went up to take care of Mayzie this weekend and got a chance to have a good look at the garden in February and even spent a little time gardening- not something I usually do until May . I cleaned up the vegetable beds, turned it over a little and did a little clearing and pruning in the main beds. There were a few surprises, the first one being the amount of green in the garden. There was the box shrub and the gold thread cypress but the new Broom planted last June looked really green and fresh. Something I haven't really noticed before is how lovely and mossy the paths between the beds are. Usually those spaces drive me a little nuts because they are always in need of weeding usually grass. But at this time of year the primary occupant is moss and I guess its been getting more established over the years.

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