Tough and Tender

I noticed the Heuchera the last time I came up in January. It didn't seem quite right, leaves intact and clearly alive. Here it is again even a little lusher and colorful. I had followed with interest this article and the ensuing discussion about how difficult they were to grow. Turns out the one we have, 'Obsidisan' has been successful with a few other gardeners. I didn't know until now however, after looking it up that Heuchera's are semi evergreen- so they're really tougher than I thought, although it looks like summer is when they may have problems.

These tender pink shoots are from the Euphorbia Bonfire which is getting better every year. Both Euphorbias and Heucheras, are species I'd love to get more of into the beds, both have the kind of complex foliage colors that I want more of to slowly replace some of the plants that I'm not so fond of. The Heuchera's may not happen, they're expensive and seem less dependable. Euphorbia's on the other hand, I've had more experience with, I had the tall Euphorbia Characias Wulfenii and the trailing E.Myrsinites in my London Garden and they seemed easy enough.

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