Choice Tomatoes

So after much deliberation, I've made the choices for the tomatoes that will be grown this year. Eight plants will be grown- 2 Black Krim, 2 Brandywine, 2 San Marzano Plum, 1 Costoluto Genovese 1 Persimmon. All chosen for variety of shape, flavor, color and end use. I may swop out one of the Brandywine with something faster maturing at the last minute. The new strategies this year are growing everything from seed, Noah has some, we're going to do a couple and increasing the number of plants from 6 to eight. If all goes well I might try evolving to the next stage which is trying to save seeds rather than buy packet seed for the following year and if I do I'll be designing a graphic for the seed packet- I already sort of have one that's a t shirt graphic.

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