Wooden Seed Trays

Why wooden seed trays? Because I'm slightly OCD with aesthetics. I love how they look. Empty yogurt containers and black plastic- not so much. But it's not entirely about just the surface. I'm also into the notion that Michael Pollan seeded - Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize. I think this is an idea worth running with in other areas including gardening - its not just about retro aesthetics, its also how using old tools and ideas changes how you experience or understand things.

How do you make wooden seed trays?
You enlist the help of your friend (Jim) with a theater/set building background and has lots of tools and stuff. He did a great job- all the corners are mitred, the wood is recycled from the original horse stables. He even has them set in the window at a tiny angle to maximize sunlight exposure.

Are you only using wooden seed trays?
No. In an abundance of caution- we will also be using two plastic trays- they will go in the cold frame and as I mentioned earlier Noah is also working on our tomato plants.

Back to the surface thing. Aren't they beautiful? And they look amazing in the wood lined potting shed.

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