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This is a painting of the house in Mamaroneck, from when it belonged to its original owner in the early part of the last century. As you can see, something about its aesthetics heavily influenced the aesthetics here. Although it primarily looks the same today, there have been some substantive changes much like this blog which started out life as a way to simply keep track of the plants we were buying and where we were planting things.

Then, I found that I was enjoying taking photos of plants and flowers, then came the HD video camera. Along the way, I figured out how to tweak html, discovering new ways to present the digital media that I was creating. In short, things changed from the digital notebook that it started out as to a sort of creative project including blogging anything else I was working on creatively that had a botanical bent. Then came tumblr, and vimeo and vintage books and the creative project became a sort of media hub, mainly for me - these were things I wanted to note and come back to look at again.

Now, I'm thinking I want to do more. I want to make some things this summmer (stay tuned) that are garden and botanically related but I'm also digging this whole handmade movement in general, Etsy, Make, Craftzine, Instructables and how its all relevant to or in tune with green sensibilities, natural or recyled materials. So there's a new section here called GreenKraft that pulls these themes together with a focus on garden, botanical or nature subjects.

I'm also ditching tumblr, moving everything back here to blogger, configured a bunch of rss feeds so everything is mapped out on the front page. The painting of the house seems like the perfect visual for this property I've built, renovated and remodeled on the internet, arts and crafty with hopefully the same serene vibe. Mi casa su casa.

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