Lemony Dusk

These are a couple of images that I happened to take in the early evening. The Nicotiana was at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park and the Alchemilla in Mamaroneck but in the new rear section that has recently been landscaped.

These lemony lime colors are not only some of my favorite, I realize looking at these images that they work really well at this time of day when the light is low. Another thing is that the colors are flowers not foliage as I have been posting about recently, and a flower color that's missing in the walled beds.

I can't really have Alchemilla there as they are pretty prolific self seeders and I haven't found these green Nicotiana yet to buy, neither seed nor as plants. I must be more organized next year and order the seeds early. I'm going to get these Green Mist Queen Anne's Lace too. In the Conservatory Garden there was also this lemony Oak Leaf Hydrangea and something else in the background that I couldn't identify.

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