When White Clover Blooms

I've become slightly fascinated by the flora that live on the median that separates the avenue and path that the Mamaroneck house is on. This started with noticing that there was a substantial assortment of wildflowers growing there in early spring. One aspect of the fascination is with it's 'wildness', that despite the lack of any kind of cultivation it's a mass of blooms. Then somebody came a few weeks ago and mowed it all away, but that wasn't a deterrent everything is now back in full swing.

The flowering sequence is also interesting, first dandelions, then lesser celandines and claytonias, then violets and wild garlic and now white clover. Coincidentally I've become aware of and increasingly interested in a gardening calender based on phenology. When the dandelions bloomed, I knew it was time to plant the potatoes. When the forsythia bloomed it was time to plant peas and prune roses. What a great concept - must put together a pictorial chart at some point.

So now that I'm thinking this way, my first thought on seeing the huge patches of clover flowers, was- what does this mean? According to Poor Will's Almanac- this means flea beetles come feeding in the vegetable garden. Noted. Here in New york City, a walk in Central Park yesterday evening revealed that when the white clover blooms it's time to sit on the ground outside and enjoy the warm weather late into the evening.

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