Tamed Violets

Every year when I start to clean up the beds in spring, I find a wild violet in the vegetable beds - more or less in the same place. I always hesitate pulling it up. It's demure prettiness and reputation from Shakespearean Sonnets to being one of the flowers Emily Dickinson asked to be buried with make it difficult to percieve this flower icon as a weed.

So this year, for a change I put it into a tiny pot, mulched it with some moss (another piece of garden debris) and it's been enjoying a renewed status on the window sill the last couple of weeks. It sulks when it's not watered but revives instantly and it was nice to have those pretty flowers to enjoy for another couple of weeks.

Speaking of Emily Dickinson, I'm really looking forward to the exhibition at the NYBG The Poetry of Flowers- what a lovely idea to combine a recreation of her 19th-century New England garden with audio of her poetry, exhibition of her watercolors, photographs and discover more about the gardener who became a poet.


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