Early Spring

The Forsythia around Mamaroneck is already a gaudy show painting the early spring landscape with broad brushstrokes of bright yellow. Its a conflicting appreciation of instant color and then visual overload. I learnt last year however that this actually makes for an interesting backdrop for photos, given enough distance to provide a blur of color.

Here, tight magenta Rhododendron and red Maple buds contrast nicely with the vibrant yellow of a Forsythia hedge. This early spring palette has already progressed quickly to richer warm colors. Just last week, on a cold but sunny morning I squinted at some pale fragile Magnolia blooms against a cold blue sky. Today, warm and sunny, I weeded and tidied up the garden taking in the purplish shoots of the Indigo, the red fronds, shoots and stems of Bronze Fennel, Euphorbia and Berberis. Color is back.

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