Double Digging

The Occasional Gardener stirs from hiatus with a feverish bout of double digging- the digital kind, not to mention a little transplanting. The site established last year has been redirected here. I laid the aesthetic groundwork there while trying out a few different ideas and have now fine tuned it to what you see here. The reason for the transplant largely being that it was just easier to start fresh with the new blogger setup and with a slightly new 3 column template. The double digging is a realisation of an idea I had pretty much from the beginning which was to have an extension of the idea of gardening as a way of connecting with nature to one where the subject is broader and more about the pursuit of integrating nature into a modern urban lifestyle. The idea suggested itself on reading The Occasional Garden by H H Munro where there is mention of The Occasional Oasis Supply Association. It seems perfectly apt that this be the name not only of a journal of images that provide temporary visual sanctuary but that it also be the home of a creative enterprise where the Occasional Gardener intends to suggest books, develop artwork and products intended to bring balance and Occasional Oasis into the chaos of our modern urban lifestyle.

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