A Taste for Chocolate

I was going to post the above photo to illustrate a riff on the color palette mentioned previously -this time with the bronze leaves of the Wiegela ("Wine and Roses") and sharp lemon leaves of the Spirea complementing the Wiegela's own magenta hued flowers and the newly purchased dark, dark purple flowers of the Aquiliega 'Black Barlow'. On a random google of "Black Barlow" I came across the site Chocolate Flower Farm to find surprisingly that many of the plants already chosen for the cottage beds fall into the grouping of "chocolate" or dark flowers which this resource specialises in. Plants on their list that are in the beds already are Euphorbia Bonfire, Heuchera Obsidian, and a similar Physocarpus. I might have to put an order in for their Campanula Punctata 'Plum Wine' and the Chocolate Sweet William looks pretty tasty too.

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