Tis the Seasoning

Just returned from an overnight in Mamaroneck where I enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal. Heidi did pretty much all the legwork for the meal, the last time I was up she had shown me all the recipes she was thinking about. My contribution at that stage was to recommend a more savory stuffing (pork sausage, sage and onion) instead of the sweeter one (with apples) and then help with the finishing touches, like chopping herbs as pictured and I prepared the green bean dish (pan fried shallots and chopped mint stirred into green beans cooked with a little garlic and white wine) All the herbs were from the garden except the mint- which in our zealousness to remove from the beds this year where they had jumped ship from the pots they were in- we actually had a mint shortage. The fried sage on the right was sprinkled onto a pumpkin soup starter. The chopped chive and parsley was sprinkled onto the mashed potatoes, the mint in the beans and rosemary which was surprisingly quite abundant ended up unused not really fitting in anything in particular. The stuffing was spectacular- enhanced by Heid finding some Focacia breadcrumbs.

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