Autumn Pink

Its always such a pleasant surprise, shock even to see the visual power of the fall foliage, especially as was the case this weekend when I left the city for Mamaroneck. I've yet to take a good look at what's going on in Central park- must do that sometime this week, but elsewhere in the city the changes don't pack the punch of what I saw over the weekend in the suburbs. Walking around the neighbourhood, I was of course wowed by the huge brushstrokes of reds and yellows, I particularly liked this spotted leaf color but the colors that I found really inspiring were the ones pictured above. On the left those pinks against the dark smoky browns and olives, on the right those limes and purples with those pinks again. They immediately bring to mind ancient tartans- those muted ones that are less well known like Young, Connaught Provincial, Isle of Skye and County Carlow

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