Cool Water

Lets just have a quick fantasy session. A quick design run through of what I would love to have in my dream garden. A water feature almost identical to the one pictured- to be found at the New York Botanical garden. I like everything about it, the rusticity of the hewn timber scaled big enough for me to sit on its edge. The simplicity of the water spout, the moss growing inside the trough. The idea that I might find this hidden or nestled in a cool overgrown place on a hot day.

I can imagine it maybe on the side of a house in a little shady transitionary space- through a side gate. Or, lets make it a much grander fantasy - its somewhere way down a path on my property maybe as a prelude to the sound of a stream further down. There would of be ferns and hostas and alchemilla and primulas and somewhere I could sit and look up at reflections dance on a rustic ceiling.

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