What a reliable plant this is- Sedum Autumn Joy, every year without fail it shows up to do its work of bringing color and shape to the fall garden. I'm not quite sure how this happened but we actually have four of them - one in each bed- here is one forming a nice trio with the Wiegela and fuschia. A couple of things I don't like about it is that it gets a little awkward when the flowers really start to color . It gets top heavy and loses the tight shape that it had and starts to tumble over. The other is that it attracts a serious contingent of bees- a little worrisome when you have a little French Bulldog shadowing you while gardening only because I've seen so many reports of their bad reactions to bee stings. I like them as cut flowers because they are so architectural- see the photo above where they cast all kinds of interesting shadows in the morning light.

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