Back to Black

I can't tell you how psyched I was to see these flower buds. Black Barlow has returned. We found this Aquilegia last year outside a supermarket on sale so it was a bargain in the first place. I was a little doubtful about it's return. I had read somewhere that it might be temperamental and was half resigned to it not showing up again. But here it is and its reawakening my fascination with black flowers or I should say very dark colored flowers.

It's also reminded me that when I was last at the Brooklyn Botanic garden I bought a few packets of seeds that I completely forgot about and I'm hoping I'm not too late to do anything with- Viola Black Bowles, Centaurea Black Ball and Nasturtium Tom Thumb Black Velvet. Must remember get them out of the drawer to bring them with me this week.

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