Lilac Memory

For a short while I lived where there was a Lilac tree outside my bedroom window. When it bloomed its scent would actually wake me in the morning. I was reminded of this the other day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where there is a huge stand of Lilacs in all different shades, all in bloom. The scent is heady and the visual impact is stunning as they have them underplanted with masses of Grape Hyacinths.

I've totally messed with the images to try and render that powerful memory of the bedroom, the window, that Lilac tree. Like yesterday. Of course its the scent that does that, and probably the fact that I was sleeping or waking from sleep. This is all very timely as I've been thinking lately about a scent garden. On my last trip up to Mamaroneck, I saw the new octagonal that's being completed as part of the refurbishment- it will be a dining area with windows that have a great view of the flower beds. I thought how great to have all those windows open up to a range of different scents. I wondered if the combination of those Grape Hyacinths, which have a slight musk to their odor, broadened the scent of those Lilacs. What if we added roses outside and pots of scented geraniums inside? I'm going up tomorrow to ponder more on this.

Because I actually wanted to remember what some of those Lilacs were I took a whole slew of photos, even remembering to take a note of their names. So along with some minor design tidy ups that you can see (a new navigation bar at the top and random reads at the bottom ), this has instigated a new section called albums where I will be building a collection of plant and flower images.
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