Blooming Shrubs

Last summer the Spiraea Thunbergii "Ogon" (Mellow Yellow) played a dramatic role as backdrop to the delicate surly Aquilegia Black Barlow. This without missing a beat as an important architectural shape in the border subtly greening through the season away from its sharp lemon spring hue.

The Berberis thunbergii 'Rose Glow' was a little awkward last year, like a gangly teen. This spring it has thickened and darkened- I love its color next to the emerging blue green sedum clump next to it. I must find the same or similar dark Purple Nicotiana that it paired with last year to add back to this.

Currently both are flowering, white flowers on the spirea, little yellow ones on the Berberis. Its almost surprising to see the blooms- it softens what you normally notice about them which is their foliage - a reminder of how important they are for shape and color through the season.

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