Honeysuckle Rose

I know its getting to be June because the Crimson Alabama Honeysuckle is fit to burst. I brought some home and put them into this odd flea market vase I have where someone has hand painted roses onto the surface- it's eroded badly in parts which is what makes me think it was added later but that only adds to its appeal. Looking at the photos after, the words honeysuckle and rose connect and Fats Waller's sultry classic cranks up in my head.

Its a fitting soundtrack for the moment as a warmer summery feeling has drifted in over the last few days, the light is different, the windows are all open. I'm also cognizant of this having just read E.A.Bowles remark in his book My Garden in Spring about these last days of May.

If offered three wishes, one would be "to have the clock stopped for six months on a fine morning towards the end of May. Then, perhaps I would have time to enjoy the supreme moment of the garden". I totally get that, there's something wonderful about this time but those warm sunny days of June coming up ahead aren't too shabby either.

+ Vintage Books:My Garden in Spring

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