A is for Allium

Let's start at the very beginning. The very first produce of the season from the kitchen garden is a large bunch of chives or Allium Schoenoprasum including plump flower buds. How perfect that it should be alphabetically appropriate. The buds get chopped up like the leaves but I also add them whole as an interesting addition to a stir fry with tofu.

The clump reliably returns every year bigger than ever, I'll dig up a section to pot up and bring back to my Harlem windowsill. Soon there will be flowers and too much of it altogether. In the Vintage book I just uploaded- see below- it suggests to use it as an edging- which might be a really good idea to do next year. We do have a problem with rabbits eating the leafy vegetables, maybe this might thwart them.

+ Vintage Books:Putnam's Vegetable Book

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