Color Stories

The workload in the garden last weekend was mainly about cutting things back. I pruned the Iberis, cut back the Indigo and deadheaded a bunch of flowers. Looking at the colorful pile as a result of my handiwork I thought I should really take a photo of the flower colors that were the main color story in June.

So I started with the reds to yellow- a volunteer dianthus (that I graduated from a terracota pot to the main bed), the honeysuckle, the diascia, an orange Calibrachoa, pale yellow Potentilla and yellow Iris. Then onto the Magenta flowers which I've already talked about previously. Lastly the blues- just the Indigo and the Geranium Johnson's Blue.

I also happened to discuss with Jim, the plants that will be part of the landscaping around the new patio area. The designer had two pots of cuttings from the intended plant list - great idea. I pulled out all the ones I thought would look particularly good for the back planting all interesting shades of green (love the lime alchemilla mollis) with an interesting range of leaf shape and texture- and that shot of color from the aquiliega

Having done that I realize I should do the same for the foliage color in the walled beds - so I'll be adding that next week. The titles will most probably be burgundy, bronze and lime. Overall its not a competely accurate list as I've missed some and I didn't't want to cut others but over time, if I remember to do this it will be an interesting way to look at what happened over the summer.

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