Seeing Magenta

We're seeing Magenta in the Mamaroneck garden and loving it - and I know there's more to come as we've been picking it as a key color accent. Above are Chrysanthemums Robinson's Mix in the border and some Peonies I cut to bring home. The Weigela is about to bloom and the Achillea Millifoilum Paprika will be showing up in July as will the red climbling roses which have a magenta cast - see how they tone beautifully with burgundy foliage as does the chrysanthemum above in front of the Berberis. We'll probably get a flat of magenta flower annuals to add to that in the next week or two, as we always do.

But how can you love a color that doesn't exist? Try this visual test for starters - Magenta doesn't exist, its a figment of our imagination. We're imagining Magenta and loving it.

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