Noah's Vegetable Garden

This weekend up in Mamaroneck, I had a chance to visit a couple of the gardens in the surrounding neighbourhood. The first was an outstanding vegetable garden. On arrival we were greeted by Bob, hard at work, notice the tools on the paving stones. He tells us that Noah's been on his case to get the place in shape. Noah is Bob's young teenage son who apparently is head honcho of this outfit. He creates his own potting mixes and starts everything from seed. This year he decided not to go to summer camp so that he could be more hands on with what goes on here.

The garden is a wonderful design from the moment you enter and your eyes are directed to the focal center- a stone filled urn circled with topiary orbs and paths that radiate outwards. Looking left you see a patchwork of smaller beds ending with an area for fruit canes. Looking right the path takes you past more vegetable beds to a seating area with a bench and arbor seat. You can see in the photos that there are hostas, catmint, a wall of ivy, a hydrangea shrub - all of which add tremendous visual variety and interest to the impressive assortment of vegetable beds. The greenhouse, is command central, stocked with pots of seedling with a commanding view of the entire plot. I also really liked the simple but elegant design of the slatted compost bins.

Standout vegetables - some giant Rhubarb and a stand of Peas. We left with two of Noah's Tomato plants, three Hot Pepper plants and three Cauliflower plants. I planted them all and the tomatoes tower over the reluctant dwarves we currently have in the beds. I think we will be eating tomatoes a little earlier than expected this year.


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