Garden Produce

Finally. I brought home a small bag of produce last week from the vegetable beds. Last year around this time I was complaining that things were still very green. This year things are a little more colorful. From the left red stemmed chard, next up golden sage and finally bok choy. The Chard and Bok Choy are the results of ongoing thinning and I also had a handful of young arugula leaves, one green Chili Pepper and they were all delicious. And did I mention that I grew them from seed. OK not the golden sage (although it did return of its own accord) but everything else - I'm verklempt, this is a moment of virgin accomplishment.

It started out as a disaster of dead seedlngs but I persevered and sowed seeds directly into the beds. I've kept it all quiet until now fearing the worst but here I am - eating seeded, grown vegetables. I'm now confident to declare more 'from seed' accomplishments - there are Chinese pole beans wrapping themselves merrily on the bamboo stakes and a row of okra doing pretty well too. Last week I planted three chitted yukon gold potatoes and sowed two rows of French Carrots.

Last week the workmen cleared out of the potting shed and Jim tells me that the old sink from the kitchen will be going in. We talked about putting in movable shelves and grow lights. A strange green supermutant power tingles and stirs in my fingertips.

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