Adventures in Microgardening

OK microgardening may be a tad trendy to describe 'sprouting'. I like bean sprouts but I'm always wasting them- they perish so quickly, to the point I've avoided buying them. Why not I thought, it's all in keeping with the homegrown movement and the perfect activity for an urban apartment dweller.

There's a gazillion resources on the web, in particular youtube on how to do this so I'll just share with you the lessons learnt. Firstly bean sprouts are slightly bitter unless you grow them in the dark. Secondly eating bean sprouts along their path of development makes for interesting variety - just sprouted on day one is different from the long tailed version on day three. I'm on my fourth crop of Mung beans now and I love it.

I tried adzuki beans and failed miserably, erratic sprouting, some stayed hard and some got really mushy. I blame it on the beans- I need to get to a resource that sells them especially for sprouting. I'll also try other things like cress and sunflower seed then. In the meantime this and my window ledge 'produce' (more on that later) is surprisingly prolific and truly rewarding.

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