Gone to Seed

My eyes always stray to the wilder edges of things in Central Park, where the mower can't reach or where things are purposefully left to just be. My stroll this time on a muggy cloudy day was rewarded with these two glorious sightings. In a blur of tall grass on the edge of a thicket, exquisite seed heads perfectly formed, like tiny little armadillos. Then, set against the dark backdrop of a wooded stream, these delicate plumes like white spiders.

What also interested me about them was how large and showy they were. Not your usual non descript hedgerow variety. Seed for thought for a garden situation. I've not really used any grasses only because I know so little about them but seeing this makes me want to put a little effort into learning a little more.

Update: image on left is Chasmanthium latifolium or Northern Sea Oats

+ Occasional Oasis:Down by the Water

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