Looking at Lanterns

Sometimes I do more than just look. Sometimes I'm inspired - I process, analyse, osmose the visual information and use it for something else. An allover autumnal textile print perhaps or maybe a graphic artwork- look at those bold orange heart shapes combined with those teardrop sedum leaf shapes. Or, I just subliminally store the palette- greens, blue greens, teals, purples, oranges, reds and a little yellow. And not just the actual colors- the proportions matter too and so do their placement and juxtapositions with each other. See the purple edges on the blue green leaves and the green veining on the orange lanterns.

I planted these Chinese Lanterns a couple of years ago- here's what they looked like then and then discovered to my dismay that they were potentially invasive. They hardly did anything at all last year- they put out some foliage and I don't even remember seeing any lanterns. This year they are a nice little patch but I'm going to have to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the view.

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