The Potting Studio

I posted about the um potted history of this space here, right after Jim had put up the walls. The walls are now going to remain as they are, unpainted- I love the rusticity of this. There's a granite lip that skirts the entire wall- you can see it at the bottom right of the image and the stainless steel sink from the old kitchen has been moved here.

The space has been used by the construction team through the renovation which only recently completed. Last week was the first time I saw this space empty and with this sink installed in it and a train of thought roared through my head. Yes for sure there will the potting of all kinds of plants and all manner of gardening related activities but a new idea was suggested by that sink. I can wash a print screen. Underneath the stairs there's also a closet with a door, which could be a darkroom where the screen is created.

So I'm thinking botanical screen print studio along with the potting. I'm having a fantasy of myself as a latter day William Morris screening prints of Black Barlow and Chinese Lanterns. It could happen. If nothing else the space previously known as the potting shed is certainly somewhere I can entertain a grand idea or two while staring out at the honeysuckle and runner beans.

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