Summer Darks

The Sweet Potato Vine that was looking so good with the Geranium Johnson's Blue in the north east bed is now flowering of its own accord. Small pale pinkish flowers with a dark magenta eye glow in the dark foliage which is now abundent. Over in the north west bed the dark purple leaves of a second one contrasts with the Sedum that's now sending out flowers.

A new dark burgundy in the beds is the herb Perilla. The south east bed was desperately needing more plants in this color family and inspired by seeing this plant used in the Wave Hill garden, I planted a few here. I was hesitant as its practically a weed. I put one plant in a couple of summers ago and now it self seeds everywhere. Instead of weeding them all out, I left one or two and moved a couple of others.

In the south west beds the Weigela and the dark stems of the bronze fennel balance out and complete this collection of late summer darks.

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