White Roots

I've been buying these white carrots from the market fairly regularly. I'm getting hooked on their flavor - milder, less carrot-ty than regular carrots. Munching on one the other night right after coming home from Mamaroneck (where I had just been thinning out the carrots in the vegetable beds), I thought to myself - I should grow these.

So I looked around the internets and discover that carrots were in fact originally white or purple or any color but orange. Orange carrots are some new fangled sixteenth century Dutch manipulation to develop a carrot in the colour of the House of Orange, the Dutch Royal Family. I also learn that white carrots may contain other health-promoting substances called phytochemicals. This was my only reservation about these carrots that they didn't have the beta carotene that the orange color indicates. I now know that all the colors have a range of nutritional merits.

It looks like these white carrots might be White Satin and I like the look of Purple Haze too for next year.

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