Now that the sedum has deepened to a rich burgundy and the shisoh is tall and prominent the color balance in the beds has tipped into a deeper darker hue. The effect is a summation of the maturing and increased size of the many other dark plants not to mention the dark flecks of autumnal color that some of the foliage is now acquiring.

In particular, the sedum and shisoh together make a lovely pairing, asking to be cut and brought indoors. In general this dark scheme works well for this time of year, it tricks your eye into not noticing that what else that isn't green is in fact dying. I like this but it also triggers the thought that there needs to be a little more brightening to balance the deepening and the darkening.

This would be the chartreuse colors and I note that there needs to be more positions of them in the beds to yin the yang. Thankfully I have been seeing and noting many great ideas for chartreuse/lime plants and combinations in the last few months and will post separately about them soon mainly to remind myself that I must address this for next year.

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