Moss Micro Scape

Right around the time I noticed the moss growing between the paving stones, I also noticed a couple of large moss patches in other parts of the garden. I kept forgetting to bring some back with me until the last visit so I could hop aboard the new craze for an indoor terrarium. I had a square glass vase perfect for the job so I immediately set up my little moss garden. Some lessons learned: the glass has to be spotless or it looks really messy and it really needs some 'landscaping' meaning it needs some other visual elements like stones and it definitely needs some kind of slope.

Despite doing all of the above, it still looked a little blah, until the last few days and things have somewhat come alive with all kinds of tendrils and even a little clover. It really does look like a micro landscape and draws you right into it. I might be hooked and interested in trying out some different ones. I did some research as you can see in the Moss post in OGMedia.

+ OGMedia:Moss

+ OccasionalOasis:Finnhouette

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