Spring Flower Calendar

I was downtown yesterday in the East Village and had my first glimpse of spring flowers in the city. There were popped Magnolia buds, flashes of yellow Forsythia and in Albert's garden on 2nd street there were these lovely Hellebores. A quick look in the archives tells me that my first sighting last year was mainly yellow flowers around this time in Central Park and then it was the middle of april when I started to see pink buds in Washington Square and then the big flower show all around Manhattan was a week later. Another week later I enjoyed the daffodils at the NYBG and in early May I enjoyed the Lilacs at NYBG and the Cherry Blossoms at BBG. Just like my happenstance discovery of yesterday's blooms, the sightings last year were similarly unplanned, but now it looks like I have a plan to follow.


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