Bronze and Burgundy

I mentioned before that I'm allowing the bronze fennel to spread itself a little this summer. One of the reasons is seeing images of the Laurent Perrier Garden at this year's Chelsea Flower Show where bronze fennel was planted fairly liberally. I liked both the color as a foil to the flower colors as well as its soft textural effect. It was also interesting to see Foeniculum vulgare ‘Purpureum’ on the plant list for the Perfume garden, as one of the ingredients in the recipe for a perfume made for Queen Elizabeth I - the inspiration behind this garden.

The Weigela 'Wine and Roses' is flowering now, rich magenta colored flowers but I find the foliage equally beautiful, burgundyish but especially in sunlight the shrub glows bronze. Behind it, the burgundy background is provided by the Sand Cherry Tree that grows to the side of the flower beds. The Weigela has teamed up with the Fennel in the south west bed the last few years. This year their burgundy bronze color pairing will be echoed in the south east bed where the new fennel tenants combine with the Perilla I planted there last year's new offspring.

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