Thrifty Gardening

There have been some recessionary measures practised at the Mamaroneck Garden. Outside of the already cost cutting new exercise of seed starting, I've also been doing a couple of other things. The first is just allowing some plants that came from who know's where a spot in the beds. In the picture is a nice patch of red dianthus that I found growing in one of the larger pots- who knows how it got there. There was also this Lamium.Both went in last year and are doing well and sort of working in the spots they are in.

The other is deciding to allow some plants like the bronze fennel, the red perilla, thalictrum and the euphorbia who are prolific self seeders more spots. I'm letting them do a little more filling in this year- down the road maybe they can be swopped out with something more interesting. On a side note, the fennel and perilla make for an unusually pleasant job of weeding since they smell nice. Additionally some perennials, the Japanese Anemone. Sedum and the Creeping Phlox got moved, split up and spread out a little more

Although there was some talk of heading out to Tony's and splurging on some Diascias which we really liked last year.


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