Garden Abstract Series, Study #1

I've decided to work on a series of garden inspired abstract paintings. I've already explored it a little with a couple of studies, one of them pictured above. Its one of two studies I made shortly after an encaustic workshop I took a couple of years ago to study the proper techniques of working with this medium which I love. I love that its ancient, non toxic and most importantly has a denseness of surface and color depth that I'm drawn to. The studies only explore the medium on panel, with slight additions of oil paint and don't really show what I intend to do which is to combine it with mixed media- namely torn images of the subject. Hard to explain but here's an example- the subject in this case being night traffic. The medium is well suited to doing this as printed images can be layered and are preserved by the wax. It makes perfect sense to me to track this series here as part of the material I will be using is all the digital images that I've captured this year in the garden. It will be a new twist on harevesting things from the garden to preserve and enjoy in the winter months.

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