Not the garden variety. I have a pair of abstract encaustic paintings titled Seed that I've appropriately decided to seed my new Etsy shop with. It will be a place for me to sell artwork and perhaps some things for the home, some vintage things - all with a nature or garden aesthetic.

The paintings have an interesting creative path. They started as digital studies created in photoshop. I was at the time exploring layering in photoshop with colored/tinted water textures. Layering in photoshop requires pretty much the same kind of eye or skill as you might need for the physical medium of watercolors adding, subtracting, translucent colors until they are right.

When I started working with encaustics, another medium with translucent qualitites - I thought this would translate well. So I started with a current digital medium and then back a to medium that dates back to Roman and Egyptian times. I animated the layers of the digital artwork to make a short video go take a look and compare.

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