Color Dimension

There is a vibrant corner in the North West bed with this combination of lime green potato vine and a bright coleus- but there's something not quite right. First of all I planted the coleus a little too far apart and the gap between them kind of bothered me -until now. The potato vine took forever to get going and now there's almost too much of it. So there's a space time dimension thing that didn't work here- next year I'll do the same but with one or two more things in the mix and a little more fine tuning.

I saw some great August/September flowering plants at Wave Hill that also had an interesting additional dimension. First this orange colored Milkweed. Love the orange and it was also swarming with honey bees. In fact the whole of the flower garden was just alive with all kinds of butterflies and bees which seemed to add an energy to the garden that was palpable. Then there were these Dahlias. Love the color and love that they were really tall- those rich magenta/maroon orbs brought dabs of color up really high. Noted.

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