The herbs on the kitchen window sill have been doing really well so for my last home meal in NYC before leaving for the Cape I chopped up a whole bunch of them for a tomato salad that I like to make-particularly when I've been eating a lot of fresh tomatoes. The reason being that this involves scalding the tomatoes to remove their skins- it's just for a brief 30 seconds until the skin comes away, but it also shifts the flavor of the tomato slightly. I then dip the tomato in oil and vinegar and then roll in chopped herbs and slice. The original recipe, can't remember where I got it from, maybe Delia Smith, has a specific blend of herbs-basil, chives, mint, chervil, parsley but I just do it with whatever herbs I have on hand. Today it was parsley, mint and basil. The tomato was the last Big Boy I had which was perhaps a little too big for the best aesthetic result -it was a little sloppy- but it certainly tasted good.

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