I was not aware of this exhibition so I was thrilled to discover Moore in America at the New York Botanical Gardens. Time Magazine's art critic has some interesting insights into this exhibition. I missed quite a few of the sculptures, might be worth a trip back to take in this exhibition a little better but I was particularly interested in these three pieces described below in reference to how they worked as part of the landscape.

Overall, the thing that struck me is the monumental scale of these pieces and how 'right' this was. The organic shapes of the sculptures allow them to co habit easily in their surroundings and strangely drew my attention to the scale of the trees and rocks in its vicinity. They also created strong visual cues that led your eye and then made you evaluate the scene, sharpening your impressions of the landscape.

Oval with Points was probably my favorite, the bronze surface reflecting the dappled light. It was visible from the path but in an intimate space surrounded by trees. Locking Point was higher up and looked majestic set against a blue sky and a perspective of trees. The material was dark and matte and seemed to grow out of the stone that it was close to. The light verdigris color of Hill Arches distinguished it especially since in sat on a stretch of green lawn in the darker shade of trees. It looked like a beautiful alien spacecraft that had landed unexpectedly.

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