Last Impressions

The Sakura Matsuri festival was last weekend, and spring blossom time is pretty much over. The frequent complaint here in NYC is, what happened to spring as as we seem fast forwarded into summer weather and then it's been rain, rain rain. The season moves on.

I can't help thinking back on the artist I saw at the BBG painting cherry blossoms overhanging the pond. I had just walked under that tree and taken a gazillion photos of the same blossoms. The combination of water and flowers, reality and distortion. I squinted my eyes blurring everything even more and thought of Monet. Then I saw the artist guy and somehow this realization of our human nature that eternally tries to capture these fleeting moments, to remember them and process them through our own imagination.

There were plenty of others there with cameras, some with huge lenses, I could hear the whirr and click of their shutters, all of us doing the same thing, capturing what is now probably our last impressions of spring.

Soundtrack: Valse Symon€ n°2 by Symon€ from Le Bal Sous la Pluie

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