Last Days of May

"to have the clock stopped for six months on a fine morning towards the end of May. Then, perhaps I would have time to enjoy the supreme moment of the garden" E. A. Bowles

I used the same quote from My Garden in Spring last year but I can't think of another one that better describes the last couple of days gardening in Mamaroneck. Sunday afternoon was a little spotty, the light rain, interrupted the flow of things somewhat but perhaps it was a set up for Monday which turned out to be glorious.

The temperature was just right, not too warm. I dug in some compost and prepared the vegetable beds for it's last batch of tenants, hardly breaking a sweat. I had done a lot of work in the flower beds last weekend so it was light fare- moved a couple of things around, planted the last of the seedlings. This left plenty of time to photograph a surprisingly flower filled garden certainly more so than last year. It was a joy to look out at it from the house as the sun traveled through the day spotlighting different parts of it.

The star turn was definitely the Crimson Alabama Honeysuckle, covered in blooms but the soft light and the abundance of color in the background helped turn even the less showy blooms like these Physocarpus flower buds into painterly images.

Six months of days like this would be heaven.

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