Lavender and Lime

The creeping phlox is in flower, patches of lavender carpet spilling over the stone wall. What I'm noticing this year is how well it complents all the lime/chartresue foliage like the new leaves of the shrubs in the distance in the image on the left and the Creeping Jenny in the image on the right (I also like the feathery blue green foliage of the Achillea and the sharp blades of Iris leaves breaking it up).

Soon that purplish blue bloom color will be echoed by the False Indigo, already fast unfurling. If I remember, a bulb that I would like to get into the beds in the fall would be the grape hyacinth that is flowering elsewhere now- I loved that combination I saw with the euphorbia. I have seeds for a lavender Scabious and a purple Nicotiana to try planting directly in the beds and I also have a tray of purple Allysum thats looking pretty good and is hardening off in the cold frame.

I didn't' get round to ordering seed for the Bupleurum rotundifolium which I also mentioned in that post- it would have been perfect next to the Geranium Johnson's Blue which looks really well established this year. Maybe next year. I also realize there are two spots in the beds that really need this lime/chartreuse color element, must do some quick research and scout the farmer's market for a suitable candidate before next week.

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