May Foliage

Usually at this time of year it's hard not to be a tiny bit anxious. There's a nervous survey of whether things have made it through the winter and some sobering reminders of gaps that need to be filled before its too late. This year however there is also plenty to enjoy in particular the foliage.

Last year at this time I was really happy with the Spirea and the Berberis. This year they are established and beginning to really work with some of the other plants that are also filling out more this year. I particularly like the Euphorbia Bonfire's much larger presence, it's color almost perfectly echoing both the chartreuse in the spirea and the burgundy in the Weigela behind it. I sort of knew that this would ultimately happen when I put them there but its still surprising to finally see that it actually does. I'm also happy to see that it's sent a couple of volunteers to the other beds.

This year the Potentilla is also very established and the contrast and combination with the Berberis that it is next to is quite something. I can really see what's coming through in the seed trays that 's going to look good accenting these two well developed sections.

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