Three Windows

The strange weather we're having here deterred me from going up to Mamaroneck this week so all gardening efforts were home based. First of all the picture above is the geranium that is thriving at the dining room window- the leaves do additional color duty when the afternoon sun turns them into all kinds of limey shades, perfectly complementing the magenta flowers. I would love to have the Geraniums in this window end up looking like these- in the kitchen window of a house in Provincetown. My first kitchen window plant of the season - a couple of different thai basils. Over at the studio window where I originally thought I might be doing something vaguely mediterranean has perhaps been sidetracked by this East Indian Lemongrass. I like how much the arching blades of grass look against the window grid that I might rethink this. In fact the first thought I had was perhaps adding one of these and going sort of South East Asian courtyard.

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