Imagine This

What a sorry sight this is. Proof of a window garden that didn't happen this summer. Most of these pots were used to grow herbs outside my Kitchen window on the fire escape. Didn't happen this year- never got round to it. But that's going to change, late as it is I intend to do something about this. The pots are all lined up in a new piece of gardening real estate that just opened up in my apartment. The front facing window. This window is usually filled with a huge air conditioning unit which I decided to try this summer in the window on the other side of the apartment. Works just fine over there too - so I now have an open window sill that gets a lot of sunlight in the day. All those pots are nicely aged, some with interesting shapes and markings that I got from a store in Chinatown and this is what I'm imagining they will be filled with- succulents. Maybe some gray leaved herbs mixed in with lots of granite/stone mulch- sort of a mediterranean desert or beach. Stay tuned.

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