Adding Orange

I'm adding some more orange to the Mamaroneck garden this year. I hope so anyway. There are no guarantees, I have seeds for Califonia Poppies and the Orange Milkweed that need to be sown in situ and then it's fingers crossed. As an extra precaution, I've planted some of the milkweed seed in a pot so that I can recognize what the plant looks like as it emerges. Besides the flower color, both of which are quite lovely, I also like the feathery foliage of the poppy and the fine cut look of the milkweeds leaves. I was thrilled to find the seed for the latter at BBG, having seen this plant at Wave Hill last year. I loved the color or more accurately how this bright color was broken up - it's not just orange - there's yellow too and the flowers are in clusters so it's not quite so concentrated. Also it was crawling with bees which, means if it does show up, in concert with the sedum and the bee balm, things should be humming this summer.

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