Buttercup Winterhazel

Corylopsis Pauciflora. This is an utterly gorgeous shrub. Everything about it is just sensational. The color - rich buttery yellow flowers with a faint green tint at its base. The shape - darling little bell shaped flowers on bare arching branches. I appreciate how early the Hamamelis/Witch hazels flower. I take a million photos of them when I see them but I get home and I never really like them. There's something a little alien about their spidery shapes and something a little showy about their color. I'm convinced that a little later and a lot prettier is the way to go with this more early spring than winter flowering Japanese Winterhazel. It needs room though, wider than it is tall. It looked spectacular casting shadows against a wall and arched over a bed of dark green Ivy at BBG. Must.Have.

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