Dandelion Thinking

I read this interesting article a while ago called Think like a Dandelion. It explored the similarities of Dandelions and creatives in this new age of the internet and urged them to blow your works into the net like a dandelion clock on the breeze and allow the winds of the Internet to toss your works to every corner of the globe. This is clearly provocative thinking as it goes against the grain of anyone creating anything- the natural instinct is to protect and limit the ability of anyone to copy or plagiarize the work. But there's also something persuausive about the concept when you realize the vastness of the competition for attention.

I immediately thought back on this idea recently while pondering on all this twitter frenzy - yet another clearly effective way to create, distribute and promote content. But I really only enjoy small talk in small amounts- hence the lack of comments here-so the idea of 'regular updates' doesn't really appeal. And then I realized it doesn't need to be talk- it could be pictures. I have too many sometimes and they languish in folders on my hardrive doing nothing because I have nothing to say about them. Sometimes I don't know what the subject is and I never find an answer and they have the same fate. Thanks to twitpic, I can now scatter those photos into the internet breeze, who knows what interest they might seed. And if you know what unknown median wildflower #1 and #2 or any other botanic mysteries I might be posting on there- let me know @ogardener

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